• 1. What's a whiteboard and what is it used for?

    Whiteboard is an interactive tool that can be used in the Classroom similarly to a school blackboard.

    You and your tutor can simultaneously write, paint and draw on the whiteboard, upload files to check for mistakes and to have a discussion.

    When you enter the Classroom, the whiteboard is empty. Select one of the drawing tools on the left, click inside the whiteboard to start drawing. You can draw lines, circles, triangles and polygons, cylinders and cones, as well as any other shapes you need. You can also type, make color filled shapes, copy or use the pointer to show something to your tutor.

  • 2. How do you communicate with a tutor during a lesson?

    Before beginning a lesson you will be offered to make a Skype call  to your tutor. If you agree, a Skype call will be started automatically.

    If the call hasn't been started automatically, then in the right corner of  your Classroom Whiteboard you will see two buttons: "Voice chat" and "Skype".

    After clicking on "Skype" you will be offered to make a call to your tutor again.

    After clicking on "Voice chat" you will be able to activate the built-in voice service.

    During your lesson you are also will be able  to send messages through the chat window.Text chat is the field located to the right of the whiteboard. 

    Type your message and push "Enter" on your keyboard or click on «Send». You can change the font of messages and use emoticons to express your emotions.

  • 3. Can I delete objects from the whiteboard?

    Yes, you can either select the option "Undo the last action" or erase the object.

  • 4. What to do if there is no free space on your whiteboard and you don't want to erase the information, which it containts at the moment?

    No worries, we took care of that, too. During your learning session you can create as many whiteboards as you need.

    To add a new whiteboard select the tab «Board» and click on «Add». At the same time all the whiteboards that you used during your learning sessions are saved. If you want to go back to one of your previous whiteboards, just click on it. To find the right board you can use the scroll bar.

  • 5. How to change the background of the whiteboard?

    In the Classroom menu select «Settings» and go to the tab «Change background».

  • 6. How to upload a file?

    You can upload a picture on the Whiteboard by selecting the tab «file» in its window and by clicking on «Open».

  • 7. How to write a formula, an equation, or draw a three-dimensional figure?

    To write a formula click on «Formula» in the sidebar of the the Classroom Whiteboard. There you will see the most commonly used symbols and formulas.

    If you click on the button «Shapes»,you can select any shape you need.

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