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How it works?

It's very simple: our developed system connects students and tutors who are online. They both are in the classroom, learning and using different tools (writing texts, formulas, upload files or images, etc.).


Online lesson is held in a virtual classroom (whiteboard). You can see the demo by clicking on the link:

Student and tutor interact with each other in comfortable conditions, being at home or at any other convenient place. Specific technical devices are not required (except for standard: a computer, a webcam, a headset with a microphone).

You can see the video presentation on our website by following this link:

Very important! If you don't use Skype, you`ll have to install this program on  your computer and create a working account (accordaing to the standard of our school and with the help of our specialists).

Personal account with an electronic tutor schedule will be opened for each tutor immediately after a simple registration process, filling in a personal profile, going through all stages of training and selection. Tutor can indicate days and hours in the schedule, which are free to study with students. An interested student can view this information and book a suitable date and time for a lesson.

About our company

More than 100 thousand online-lessons were held on the site for the last 5 years. More than 8.5 thousand people from 50 countries became pupils of TutorOnline. Dozens of new requests from potential pupils are handled daily by consultants.


The educational project TutorOnline began its work in 2011. The founders of the company - Alexander Pashkov and Valery Solovyov - created a resource that helps students of all ages to get valuable knowledge, studying with the best tutors in the world.

The project was awarded the Kids-friendly prestigious Business Award in February 2016, which is presented annually to companies that make a significant contribution to the development of children's products industry, leisure and education. This victory shows high quality and status of TutorOnline and recognizes it as an expert in the field of online learning.

Our students consistently achieve high results in any international exams and tests with the help of professionalism, persistency and hard work of the school`s tutors.

Individual approach

Individual approach - a key principle of TutorOnline work. Project Consultants help each student and tutor to solve organizational, technical and any other issues. We expect the same careful and reverent attitude of our tutors to each student.

Corporate values

Our main corporate values: professionalism, mutual respect and honesty. We sincerely want our teachers to share these values and be able to work with full dedication.


We guarantee:

  • comfortable working conditions;
  • complete freedom in determining your work schedules;
  • clear price policy;
  • decent income;
  • possibilities for professional growth and self-realization;
  • technical support, prompt solution of all emerging problems related to work in the system.

Student interests are above the financial benefits the company or the individual teacher; tutor`s interests are above the interests of business.

What is required to become a tutor of the TutorOnline

1. First of all, you must register on the site.


2. You must also be prepared to provide the scanned original documents confirming your identity, education, academic degree (if you have any), previous work experience, participation in educational competitions, training courses (if you have any).

3. "Learning" with our site will be available to you immediately after your registration and filling a profile. There you can get acquainted with all the features, rules and requirements of the school.

4. You will need to pass the the test session (online) with the course coordinator at the final stage of the project. This is a very important procedure. According to its results, our specialists will determine your level of knowledge and quality of the material that you have learned during the training.

TutorOnline has no doubt in professional suitability of candidates for the tutoring. However, our company is fully responsible for the quality of the educational services provided by tutors, we solve any conflicts and protect the interests of our tutors. We want to be sure that the best tutors will work in our school, whom we can safely recommend to students.

Moreover, for the successful work on the site you should prepare a videopresentation (example - the link: and describe in details in your profile: teaching experience, professional achievements and teaching methods. This information will be able for all your potential students.

How does online tutor earn?

You define your work schedule yourself. Only the tutor can decide how often he is ready to work in the online school and how many students to have.


Our school has become the main place of work for many tutors because TutorOnline allows tutors to work at a convenient time, with convenient number of pupils and to have a very  decent income.

Payment for the previous month is made in the current month, from 10 to 15th to a virtual wallet, so you should make it before the first payment. You are responsible for the correctness of your wallet`s number provided. Also, please pay attention to the fact that our school is not your tax agent. All the taxes you have to pay by yourself.

Company takes care of all costs of search and selection of students for tutors, and deals with all issues related to the customers. Tutors just need to do one thing - to do their work so that students and their parents to be satisfied and come to you again and again. All other questions are solved by our service.

If you have any other questions, please ask our course consultant. You can find contacts at the bottom of each page.

Look forward to seeing you in the best team of tutors TutorOnline!

Please, enter your email or phone number, wich you used during the registration. You will get a message with a link to the password change form or SMS notification with a new password.