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Lee Bennette, San Diego, 11/2/2016 (tutor ADITYA YADAV)

Many thanks for trigonometry lessons!! Very good tutor! I've successfully passed the exam thanks to his help!

Lakshmi, 11/2/2016 (tutor Ahmed Essam)

Very positive and polite tutor! explained me topics in algebra very clearly . Definitely will continue to study with him!

Lee Bennette, San Diego, 11/1/2016 (tutor aditya kumar)

Many thanks for trigonometry lessons!!Very good tutor! I've successfully passed the exam thanks to his help!

Carlos Jimenez, Texas, 7/1/2015 (tutor Lilian)

Great tutor, great service, amazing prices. Made the material I was having problems with very clear and easy to understand. Zero travel time and just as effective as regular tutoring. Very happy I found this website.

Joseph Lee Gray, New York, 4/25/2015 (tutor Liz)

Great tutor! I have always had issues with physics and she made the learning process easy, enjoyable and interesting. Liz made the learning process easy and enjoyable. Thank you very much, Liz

Tanisha Haddock, Santa Fe, 3/10/2015 (tutor Jim)

This was my first online tutoring experience. I was a little skeptical going in but I must say that it was wonderful. Thanks

Jennifer Rodrigez, College level, Newark, 2/16/2015 (tutor Nales)

I always had problems understanding chemistry. My online tutor made it very easy and even interesting. Can't wait for our next lesson.

Lema Alhabib, 11/4/2016 (tutor Arindam Ghosh)

Very good tutor! Helped me with homework in Trigonometry a lot! Thanks) Now I know, how to do such tasks) Will continue the lessons!

jocean abeton, Babak, 11/4/2016 (tutor Avi)

Thank you! Now I know, how to describe motion with Position-Time graphs! Very good tutor! I recommend!

Lista, 10/22/2016 (tutor Mary)

Excellent tutor! Helped my daughter to understand how to calculate the square of a cube and pyramid! Thank you very much!

Robert Harris, New Delhi, 5/18/2015 (tutor Vicki)

Easy, affordable and a great learning experience. Thank you, Vicki. Your Spanish lessons are engaging, interactive and fun. Great results so far

Thomas Stewart, London, 3/4/2015 (tutor Brianna)

Great experience. Special thanks to the support center representatives for being patient and very helpful and effective.

Natalie, Aksay, 6/23/2018 (tutor Maria Konstantinovna)

Здраствуйте. Меня зовут Натали Ингрид. Я хочу вам рассказать о моём преподавателе Марии. Она очень добрая преподавательница. Наш отношение во время подготовительного факультета был как друзей. Мне очень удобно с ней. Она всегда была готово нам слушать и советовать. Она была очень терпелива с нами. Если бы я смогла ей дать оценку я бы отдала ее 5. Теперь я учусь на химическом факультете и у меня все хорошо.

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