• 1. How does Tutoronline.net work?

    Our tutors are available 24/7 all year round.

    Before you begin a lesson, you need to register.

    After registration you will receive an e-mail or sms on your cell phone number (depending on what you specified during registration). By using it you will be able to sign into your  Account.

    There you can find information about tutor schedule, planned lessons, payments and write-offs, and conducted lessons.

    Lessons are conducted in real time using Skype and Classroom.

    In the classroom you will find  an interactive board (whiteboard) on which both the student and the tutor can write and draw using a mouse or a tablet. You can also upload files there. It makes your lesson more effective and comfortable.

  • 2. What subjects are available on Tutoronline?

    We have tutors in  math, physics, chemistry, English, foreign languages and literature and other subjects.

    Tutors on the website will help you to improve your skills and your school grades(if you need it).

    Our experts can   prepare you for SAT and other standardized tests and make this process smooth and easy.

    We also offer undergraduate and graduate students help with college courses like Higher mathematics, physics, academic writing,etc.

    Lessons in foreign languages are available to all age and level groups (from novice to advanced).

  • 3. How can I contact a tutor?

    Before you begin a lesson, you need to register.

    If you have already registered, then just sign in using your login and password to open your account

    Pick a time for your lesson and sign in to your tutor's "Schedule". Don't forget to indicate your grade/college year (if applicable), subject or specific question(s) on the subject that interests you.

    At the selected time contact your tutor by clicking on the button "Begin lesson" in the tab "My lessons-Lesson plan"on your profile.

    At the pointed time of the lesson the Classroom will be opened automatically in a new window and a Skype call will be directed to your tutor.  

  • 4. How long will it take for the tutor to solve my problem/ do an activity/ write an essay?

    Our tutors will not do your homework or write your essay instead of you. However, they can teach you how to do that  independently. Our task is to teach you how to solve this kind of activities in the future.

  • 5. When can I contact Tutoronline.net?

    Tutors are available 24/7 all year round.

    To have a learning session you need to  schedule a lesson with the selected tutor at the time wich is convenient for you. The tutor will be online at the scheduled time and will conduct the lesson.

    Our course coordinators are available during regular business hours 7 days a week.

  • 6. Can I ask the same tutor for help?

    Certainly! You can study with the same tutor throughout your school year or as long as you need. This form of work is the most effective one. 

    However, you can contact any other tutors.  All you have to do in such a situation is  schedule a lesson with him/her on our website or send a request to one of the tutors who are currently online.

  • 7. Can I view my previous sessions?

    Yes. To view your previous sessions you need to log in to your Account and using the tab "My lessons" click on Lesson history.

    Click on the button"View video sessions" located next to the lesson you would like to view.

  • 8. Is it assumed that I have to study with a tutor for a specific amount of time?

    No, sessions can last any amount of time. The student decides how much time he/she needs.

  • 9. What if the tutor can't help me?

    All our tutors are experts in their field  who have passed a rigorous selection before being hired.

    However, the only thing you should always remember that nobody can know everything. If your tutor cannot help you, he will refer you to one of our course coordinators who will select another tutor for you.

  • 10. How can I contact the student support center?

    All necessary information can be found on our website in the section Contacts.

Please, enter your email or phone number, wich you used during the registration. You will get a message with a link to the password change form or SMS notification with a new password.