Summer vacation: do you need to study with a tutor?

Author: Jane Rulevskaya
Blog category: Online tutoring

The question about tutors in summer is raised by many parents, because during the summer, school material is often forgotten and then we have to spend a lot of time to fill the gaps in knowledge. At the same time, almost all the pupils are against any lessons in summer. What to do in such a situation? Read below!


So, let's see who really needs lessons in summer?

Based on our experience in this field, of course, the most important category is "future graduates", who need to pass final exams.

There are three reasons, wich prove this fact:


1. In summer you can find more wide range of availible tutors, who may help in preparation for exams; 

2. students and pupils are free from school lessons and assignments, and can study with tutors more effective without overloading;

3. summer lessons reduce the load in next academic year. Usually during the summer most difficult topics are discussed, thus reducing the intensity of the coaching in the school year.

According to our internal statistics, students who have started to prepare for exams in summer and have taken at least 1 time per week, receive a 25% higher score on the exam!

The second category of students, who require training in summer, are those, who study foreign languages. If you make a long break in learning,  you can forget grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, so you need constant practice.

The best effect is achieved if the lessons in foreign language take place at least 2-times a week. After all, the effectiveness of training is reduced if you have too long breaks between lessons.

If you need French, Chinese or another foreign language for tourism, and you have a little time before the trip, you can easily take an intensive training course with tutors on TutorOnline. Moreover, you can take a tutor with you to any country of the world. All you need is a laptop or tablet, Skype and stable access to the Internet. It is enough to spend 30-40 minutes and expand foreign vocabulary on a particular topic.

And, of course, it is worth to devote at least 60% of free time on deserved rest! Summer is a wonderful time both for study and entertainment!

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