Children don't want to study. How to make your child interested in learning?

Author: Jane Rulevskaya
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Perhaps this is a classic problem faced by many parents. "We tried everything, but he does not listen to us ...". TutorOnline figured out the causes of poor performance and the ways of it's elimination!

Reason 1. Too much information. 5-6 lessons per day at school, then the same amount of homework. At first, a child doesn't catch one topic, then another one and finally, he loses motivation to follow the school program.

The most popular phrase heard from child in such a situation is something like: "I don't want to study anymore! I can't! I don't need that! "undefined

Solution: help to distribute the large load. Of course, we should not sit with  textbooks and try to do homework instead of the child. But giving him a rest - is necessary.

Try to reconsider his schedule, perhaps part of the homework can be done in advance, for example - at the weekend. (But in any case don't spend more than 5 hours on doing homework at the weekends.)

Don't require from your child to do  homework immediately: "You won't go anywhere unless you do all the homework!"

If your child is studying in high school, advise him to go for a walk with friends, go to the cinema, cafes. The student will be able to take up the study again after he has a rest.

If during this time you have lost school program - refer to the tutors, they can quickly explain all the missed topics and help with homework.

Reason 2. Difficulties with the subject (or with several subjects). As a rule, if we can't understand something for a long time - we lose interest in it. Sometimes,it is the blame directly of schoolteachers, who are guided only by those students who "catch" material very quickly. In such a situation, those, who don't understand the topic - have to study material by themselves.

Also, difficulties with subjects often arise due to illness, which prevented to attend school, or simply due to the fact that the child needs more detailed and complete explanation.

Solution: help of a good tutor. Our teachers know how to explain even the most difficult material in simple language and with pictures, examples, etc. By the way, tutoring can help not only to fill the gaps, but also to pass complex topics in advance, to prepare for tests and laboratory works and to make it much easier at school.

undefinedReason 3. External factors unrelated to the school directly. It can be anything - from the first in love, to family problems and misunderstandings with teachers, classmates, etc.

If you noticed that the schedule of the child is rather freely and allows him to relax. And  tutors can't help your child get interested in learning, most likely, the matter is in the third reason.

Solution: Who can help in this situation better than parents? You - the best friend of your child, and you know him better than anyone else. Gently ask what bothers your son or daughter. Say that you've noticed his or her bad mood, anxiety, and just want to help. If the child does not want to tell you about the problem, try to start with a story about your childhood, your school problems. This method often helps to start talking. 

TutorOnline wishes everyone good grades and is happy to help you at any time!

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