6 signs of a really good online tutor (teacher)

Author: Jane Rulevskaya
Blog category: Online tutoring

During 5 years of our work, TutorOnline has met hundreds of tutors. And we found out that not every experienced tutor can be called a really good one. What qualities a good tutor should have, read below!


1. A good teacher (tutor) really likes working with children. No matter how many lessons he have held and how much he is tired. He will never show children his bad mood!  This type of teacher gets the pleasure of communicating with children.

2. A good teacher knows how to find an  approach both to a hyperactive child and to a quiet. If this teacher sees that his pupil is upset, he will find a way to switch pupil's attention on the learning process and even to raise his spirit.

3. A good tutor knows how to listen and hear the child, doesn't repress the student answers in mid-sentence. Even if the child answers incorrectly, the teacher gently tries to return the child to the correct thoughts with the help of leading questions , to recall material.undefined

4. A good teacher knows how to find the information and he is constantly learning! He does not use a single textbook for lessons and always adds multimedia materials.

5. A good tutor has a clear syllabus! The syllabus is what really sets the terms and the conditions for the relationship between tutor and pupil.

6. Sense of humor. It is also one of the basic qualities of a good teacher. Is it possible to look at the antics of the whole class without a share of humor? In addition, a good joke is a very simple way to defuse the atmosphere during the lesson, when pupil is a little tired.

We understand the importance of each of mentioned points! So we pay great attention to the selection of our tutors. In addition to the test in subjects, they always go through the interviews with our experts. During the interview our experts find out  tutor's ability to work with children and other qualities. That is why we are proud of our team of teachers and sure about the quality of educatuion on TutorOnline.net!

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