3 compelling reasons to learn foreign languages in summer!

Author: Jane Rulevskaya
Blog category: Online tutoring

Summer is the time of vacations, holidays and generally relaxing. When else you can forget about all your activities and enjoy the warmth, if not in summer?

However, TutorOnline gives you a piece of advice not to forget about learning German, French, Russian and other languages, because summer is the perfect time for such things!


1. The first reason is your busyness, or rather the absence of busyness:) 


Away from your work and everyday tasks, you are open to everything new and interesting! And learning a foreign language is one of the most exciting processes! Of course, we are talking not about simple lessons now, but about online classes at our website, where you can combine what you've heard from the tutor with viewing different videos on different topics, then discuss and analyze them with your tutor, and practice in listening comprehension and speaking!

According to our experience, the students, who learn languages in summer on a regular basis, achieve their goals in 1.5 times faster!

2. Travelling. If you are going to visit a country where their native language is not English, it is an excellent opportunity for you and a way to learn a new language! When you are in the language environment, you are like a sponge, soak up all the information and learn faster!

Just don’t forget to consolidate what you have learned during you journey with a tutor after you come back! If you won’t do that, all the new words and expressions can be forgotten very quickly!

undefinedBesides, you can learn the foreign language at home before the trip. So you can go absolutely anywhere without the fear that you will not be able to explain what you need and understand what other people say. In addition, TutorOnline can easily travel with you. You can even take a 10-minute consultation from a language tutor and learn how to order a meal in a cafe or book a hotel room!

3. Summer classes is a great way to "relieve" yourself in future! To study when you have a lot of free time – it’s not only the most effective way, but also a great job for the future! You won’t have to look for free time in the middle of a heavy work or school week, and to delay the study "for later". By the time «the mountain of tasks» after the holidays appears in your life again, you will already have a good knowledge, which is much easier to maintain, even with the help of less intensive lessons!

TutorOnline wishes everybody to have a great holiday, excellent mood and success in language learning!

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