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Привет! Меня зовут Наталия. My name is Natalia, and I have been teaching Russian as a foreign language since 2012 in a variety of environments.

6 years
86 online-lessons

Experience in teaching

Working as a Russian language teacher Pyatigorsk medical and pharmaceutical institute 2014 - 2018 Working as a Russian language teacher Pyatigorsk Linguistic State University 2014 - 2015

Additional Info

My teaching philosophy is to provide support and exciting lessons to help students achieve their Russian learning goals. As a teacher, I am always evolving, taking courses and learning about the latest teaching techniques to provide the highest quality Russian learning experience. As my student, you can expect a dynamic, patient and approachable teacher who will make sure to meet your needs and help you reach your Russian learning goals. I believe learning a language should be an exciting challenge that keeps the student motivated. Together we can design a program that fits your individual needs. I also know how amazing it feels when you gain confidence and ease in communicating a new language! It opens doors in this world, creates new opportunities and improves rapport and relationships with others — both personally and professionally. Let me help you discover what makes you a good learner, and let me open the door to the wonderful world of the Russian language. If you want to learn more about Russian grammar, vocabulary, and idioms, or if you have any other Russian questions or suggestions, feel free to join me here at Tutoronline.net and let’s begin learning.


Institute of Translatology and Multi-Language Studies (Pyatigorsk State Linguistic University) - Pyatigorsk, Russia
Translation and Interpreting (Specialist)
Academic degree: master's
Graduation year: 2014
Teaching Russian as a Foreign Language (Specialist)
Teaching Russian as a Foreign Language (Specialist)
Academic degree: master's
Graduation year: 2014
Pyatigorsk medical and pharmaceutical institute - Pyatigorsk, Russia
The usage of English as the intermediate language in the teaching of Russian
Academic degree: none
Graduation year: 2016
Pushkin State Russian Language Institute - Moscow, Russia
Practices of teaching Russian as a foreign language
Academic degree: none
Graduation year: 2018


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