Tutor Sara Rachida

Sara Rachida

Tutor's rating: 5.0
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EFL English Teacher and Tutor for a all ages and levels ( Beginner to Upper Intermediate), Native arabic tutor for all ages except for high school

2 years
54 online-lessons

Experience in teaching

i have been teaching EFL learners for two years till now. My schedule where i work is part time, i have done a research submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of secondary school teacher of English named " Using Games and Songs to Develop Speaking Skill", and participated in the weekly workshop training program. I am also arabic native speaker.

Additional Info

I am EFL english teacher, i use Competency based appraoch, Speak british english and sometimes american one, i use a variety of techniques and strategies and methods like games, songs, role plays, stories...etc. i am looking forward to teach you academic english as well as improve your english level, feel free to contact me.


Ecole Normal Superieur , Bouzereah, Algeria
Academic degree: none
Graduation year: 2015


English as a second language
Age groups of pupils:

Levels of students, with whom tutor can work:

Age groups of pupils:

Levels of students, with whom tutor can work:

Native speaker
Age groups of pupils:
  • Primary school
  • Secondary school
  • Student
  • Adult

Levels of students, with whom tutor can work:

Age groups of pupils:

Levels of students, with whom tutor can work:

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