About school TutorOnline

Dear Teacher, welcome to the international TutorOnline school. We sincerely hope that it will be your school too!

School Sites:

  • TutorOnline.ru - running since 2011, is oriented at a Russian-speaking audience all over the world.
  • TutorOnline.net - running since 2014, is oriented to English-speaking audience all over the world.

The numbers we are proud of:

  • Since our inception in 2011 it was carried out more than 85,000 classes with students in 5 continents all over the world.
  • More than 650 teachers (more than 12,000 candidates for teachers) are actively cooperating with us.
  • More than 8000 students are trusting us with their studies.

Subjects that you can teach in our school:

  • The whole school program, all high school program, all languages from English to Serbian, programming, chess and others.

The goal of our school - to give knowledge to thousands of students, raise their confidence in themselves and in their ability to learn. Join us!

How to start teaching?

Clients choose teachers on the site on their own, so the number of your students depends only on the quality of your profile.

How to get a new student?

  • The first method: student chooses you as a tutor on their own and book a lesson. In this case you will receive a SMS and an e-mail that you will have a lesson. At the appointed time you will spend a lesson with a student.
  • The second way: student leaves the request on the site for all tutors. In your personal account you will see all actual requests and can offer your help to the student.

If a student interested in your proposal, he will write to you chatting online. Have the student to book his first lesson with you.

How to keep the student?

To record the student at a second and further lessons, you should:

  1. Positively spend the first lesson. Your task at the first lesson, "break the ice" with the student to find out his goals, to determine the current level of knowledge of student, assure him that you will cope with tasks and to agree on the schedule of classes.
  2. Record the student for the next lesson. You can (should) done it immediately after the lesson is completed. If the student doesn't have enough money on the balance sheet, you can book it in debt. At the same time inform the student about the need to fill up the balance before starting your next lesson.
  3. You should agree a regular schedule for 3-4 weeks in advance. This will benefit both sides.
  4. If the student is "lost" you should write to him on Skype and in chat to find out the reasons. Students often "disappear" after holidays, especially summer. In many cases, student is easy enough to "revive" - just to remind of the importance of continuous learning approach and offer to book a lesson.
  5. If after your actions the student doesn't come back, tell the course coordinator (contact information in your personal account), indicating the customer's full name and his data (ID).


TutorOnline.net takes care of all costs for searching and selection students for tutors, and is addressing all issues related to the customers. Online tutors must meet the only one requirement – you must do your job professionally based on the highest standards of education. Your students should be satisfied with each lesson and have a strong desire to come back to you again. Thereby, your motivation should be based on the principle of students’ retention and conducting lessons with them on a long-term basis.

Your price, depending on the subject, determined by school itself.

You starting as a "newbie" with a tariff of not more than 10$ per 60 minutes. First, you need to accumulate a database of students and establish yourself.

Note: payment for a tutor for the first session with a new pupil will made only if the following conditions are met:  

- Tutor spent more than one session with a new student;

- The second session was held not earlier than 12 hours after the end of the first lesson.

Billing is per minute.

For each lesson you earn an amount based on the number of minutes spent.

S = ((Your price)/60)*amount of minutes

Lateness for lessons and passes are forbidden.

If you are unable to conduct a lesson, it is necessary in advance (12 hours before the lesson) inform the student and cancel or move a lesson in your account.

The penalty for missing a lesson is your rate per hour.

The school reserves the right to terminate the collaboration after two unexcused absences.

Your earning transfers to you active Pay Pal account every month from the 10th to the 15th of the month. You will get payment for the previous month. Responsibility for correct indications of the purse number in your account is on you. Also, please note that our school is not your tax agent. All the taxes you have to pay yourself. 

School requirements for personal performance. Rating

At our school, each teacher is evaluated on three criteria:

  1. Evaluation of the student. After each lesson student assessment puts tutor on a scale. Displaying average.
    • Excellent level - 4,95 and more
    • Good level - from 4,75 to 4,95
    • Satisfactory level - from 4,55 to 4,75
    • Unsatisfactory  - less than 4,55

The rating is displayed as the average of the last 20 student ratings in your profile on the site. And it is this value see the students:

average rating from students

profile rating





















4 and lower


  1. Conversion = Returned. Here is an example: in the past month to you was registered 10 students, out of which came to the second lesson for more than two hours 8 people. Then your conversion is 8/10 = 80%
    • Excellent level - 80% and more
    • Good level - from 50 to 80
    • Satisfactory level - from 35 to 50
    • Unsatisfactory - less than 35

Do not be discouraged because of the low rate of convertion. We recommend you to take sales courses, focus on customer. You can find a lot of information in the Internet. TutorOnline always ready to help you and give right decisions.

  1. LTV - the most important indicator, equal to the number of hours spent with one student. We believe that the higher the quality of education, more active, more friendly and positive teacher, the longer the student is engaged with him.
    • Excellent level - 50 lessons and more with one students
    • Good level - от 30 lessons to 50 lessons
    • Satisfactory level - from 20 lessons to 30 lessons
    • Unsatisfactory - less than 20 lessons

Important! If one or more of your criteria are unsatisfactory, you have the opportunity to continue teaching only with its existing students. To correct the situation, you are given three months. After this everything are checked again. If the situation has not changed, the school reserves the right to stop cooperation with you.

Teachers with better results get more new students, because:

  • Our company is actively promoting you on the site,
  • Your profile is placed on the most visible places on the site,
  • Our experts are recommending actively you to customers daily.

Your rating of teaching in our school is calculated from customer ratings and your conversion. The higher the assessment and conversion - the higher the rating.

Schedule. Personal account. Your videoreference

Schedule lets you to define your schedule, to attract new students and to engage in a constant. Schedule opens by yourself.

Student can join the schedule in two ways:

  • Student himself is recording on the lessons in available hours in your schedule.
  • You can record the student in your schedule. For example, at the end of the lesson - of course, with  agreement of student and the general agreement (recommended for regular students).

We strongly recommend you to always keep an open schedule at least 4 weeks in advance. Then you will be written to a greater number of new students and you will not lose permanent students.

Lesson begins at the appointed time. 

Student can record to a lesson no earlier than 1.5 hours before the start. This is done so that you have time to react and prepare for the lesson. If the student be written into your schedule, you will receive SMS and duplicate letter to your email. This information is available in your profile in the tabs "Nearest classes" and "Request to class" If the lesson is canceled, you will also receive SMS.

Learn the functionality of the classroom http://www.tutoronline.ru/how-it-works/demo

Recommendations for tutors for recording videoreference for pupils on TutorOnline.ru

Videoreference - a visiting card of every online tutor. Pupils choice depends on it. Based on the experience with tutors videos, we made a number of recommendations, which should definitely pay attention during record your video.

General requirements:

  1. Background on the back of the frame plane - the most neutral.

Good example:


  1. Make the sound of your video as much as possible clear and at the optimum loudness. Too loud and too quiet video worse perceived by users. Note that in certain media is limited to the possibility of increasing the sound. If you have a headset with a microphone you can connect the microphone jack to the camera and put the headphones next to him, so that they were not visible in the frame, but were near to you, it will record higher quality of sound.
    You can use the headset to record a video message if you are shooting at the webcam of your computer.
  2. Better to be in a quiet room.
  3. Pay attention to your position in the frame.

    Good position in the frame:

  4. Try to record the best possible quality video.
  5. Try to make your videoreference for pupils more lively and positive: smile, highlight with intonation important points..
  6. The optimal duration of video from 45 seconds to 1.5 minutes.

Requirements to the text of your videoreference:

Videoreference - this is your first contact with potential pupils, so don't do a video lesson on your subject. Better to tell the pupil about yourself, about your experience (school, training, university, etc.), about successes of your pupils, how many years you teach and others.

Do not pay attention to personal details (age, marital status, etc.).

Start your videoreference:
-- Hello, My name is ... .. I am a tutor of ... (subject) ... on the site TutorOnline.net 

(Mention the name of our site in videoreference NECESSARILY).

If you are teaching languages, be sure to demonstrate your pronunciation.

Examples of the videoreferences which can be used as a good example:


Technical requirements

  1. To ensure a high quality of services to the Client and the tutor must have access to the Internet at speeds of at least 1 Mb/s.
  2. To ensure the technical capability of the service, your computer must satisfy the following requirements:
    1. random access memory (RAM): at least 2GB (recommended: 4GB)
    2. processor (CPU): at least 2 core with a frequency of 1.8 GHz
    3. installed Skype and the presence of the headset
  3. All classes are held in the Google Chrome browser (for Windows). Today it is one of the most secure web browsers. Link: download Google Ghrome
  4. Corporate Skype (it will be assigned you by a course coordinator on duty, after you are accepted into the ranks of our tutors)
  5. Program to record skype conversations. Each record of lesson is necessary to be attached in your account after a lesson on the day of the lesson.
  6. Correctly write your telephone number in your profile. You will receive service messages (record a lesson, a lesson cancel, etc.).

It is possible some technical problems for you or the client. How to help the client:

Lesson training.  What is possible to do in our school and what is forbidden

What is forbidden to do in our school:

  1. In our school is strictly forbidden to study with students outside school. All classes you spend in the classroom to calculate billing.  Abduction client is regarded as cheating on your part and the school reserves the right to apply for such a teacher to court. Cooperation with the tutor ceases immediately with non-payment of earned money.
  2. If the site administrator revealed the deliberate actions of a tutor in attracting students to third-party, including competing resources, as well as to attract students for individual classes without resources TutorOnline site, with tutors will be charged a fine with non-payment of the money earned.
  3. Forbidden disrespectful to the students or their representatives, site administration, teachers on duty. Using obscene expressions is not allowed.

Please, enter your email or phone number, wich you used during the registration. You will get a message with a link to the password change form or SMS notification with a new password.