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Tutors Music theory

Are you looking for a music theory tutor? TutorOnline will help! We know that it is really hard to find a good tutor, who not only has a great knowledge of music theory, but also has an experience in the large field of music. That is why we pay great attention to the selection of our tutors!

In modern academia, music theory is a subfield of musicology, the wider study of musical cultures and history. And our tutors will help you understand all of these interesting parts and topics.


Why you should study music theory with our online tutors?

  1. All our music theory tutors went through the strict selection and confirmed their high qualification with diplomas and certificates.
  2. Lessons with online tutors are much cheaper, than with usual offline tutors. The reason is that online lessons are comfortable not only for pupils, but also for tutors.
  3. You can easily find convenient time for a lesson in the tutor’s schedule. Our teachers are available 24/7.
  4. You will study music theory at home! With TutorOnline you don’t have to waste time to commute to the tutor’s home or another place, where he can give you a lesson. Also you will not have to invite a new person to your home. Professional tutors are with you in the monitor distance!
  5. Learning music theory via skype, you will easily get answers to any questions, fill your gaps and successfully prepare to exams!

Our tutors give lessons to pupils of different age and for different purposes! You can take a short consultation, if you have any question, when you are preparing your homework in music theory, or a full lesson!

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